Which albums are displayed?

Longplay’s purpose is to make listening to full albums easier, so it displays those albums for which you have (nearly) every song. This is determined by the relative percentage, absolute number of songs you have of that album, and total duration of the songs you have.

How do the sort options work?

  • Orderliness: by artist, then by album; in the settings you can choose for this to fully alphabetic or to use the “sort order” tag in the Music app
  • Addiction: by amount of time spent listening, also considering the date when an album was added
  • Brightness: by the primary colour of the album artwork
  • Negligence: by the time it’s been since you’ve last listened to the album, weighted by the rating
  • Memory: by the time it’s been since you’ve last listened to the album, also considering how much of the album you’ve listened to
  • Recency: by date added
  • Stars: by the rating you’ve provided for each song
  • Random: shuffles all albums, re-shuffled every time you tap it

The Dictionary in the in-app settings explains these in more detail. On iPhone, you can also long-tap on each sort order to get a explanation.

Why are my albums greyed out?

When you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, albums in your library that you haven’t downloaded to your device are faded. If you have a cellular connection and you allowed the Music app to download music over cellular, you will still be able to download and listen to that album though. However, mobile data charges might apply!

Note: There’s an advanced settings in the Settings.app to adjust this setting. You can opt to keep the default behaviour of greying out while you’re not on Wi-Fi, to always grey out albums you haven’t downloaded, or to never grey them out.

Can I hide albums that I don’t have downloaded?

Yes, there’s a smart collection called “Downloaded”, which only shows those albums.

It’s showing all my kids’ albums / meditation / white noise albums and playlists! Can I hide those?

Sure, you can. Long tap on an item you want to hide then select “Hide”.

Hidden albums are hidden in the “My Library” view. If you add them to a collection, they will not be hidden from that collection; that way you can also make a collection with kids’ albums.

If you later want to see hidden albums in the “My Library” view again, tap the Collection picker at the top (left) of the screen, tap the filter icon next to “My Library” and toggle “Hidden things”, and they’ll re-appear. You can then also un-hide with a long tap and selecting “Unhide”.

How do I add missing album artwork?

You can add album artwork via iTunes / the Music app on your computer via two ways:

  • Using Apple’s catalogue by selecting “File” > “Library” > “Get Album Artwork”.
  • Manually, by finding the artwork online, and then in iTunes by right-clicking the album, selecting “Get Info”, navigating to the “Artwork” tab and then pressing “Add Artwork”.

Some of my album artwork is not showing up!

This can happen if the Music app did not yet download your artwork. Open the Music app, go to Library and then Albums, the artwork might be missing at first but it’s downloaded as soon as you scroll through the list. If you then switch back to Longplay they should also start appearing.

How do I rate albums?

Longplay uses the ratings for songs as you set them in iTunes and the Music app.

You can also rate songs in Longplay by long-tapping on a song in the track list of the “Now Playing” screen. Note: Longplay cannot write the ratings back to the Music app, so these ratings will only be visible in Longplay. Ratings sync using iCloud.

Can I queue up multiple albums?

You sure can. Long tap on an album and select “Play Next” or “Play Later”. You can also queue up multiple albums by long tapping on an album in the albums list and selecting “Play Next” or “Play Later”.

What does Longplay store in iCloud?

Longplay stores your collections, your hidden albums and playlists, your ratings, and your play counts in iCloud. It does not store any of your music.

I am tapping albums but all I see is a spinning indicator and playback doesn’t start

This happens if you removed the Music app from your device. Go to the App Store and make sure it’s installed. Then playback should work from Longplay.

Does Longplay support Spotify?

No, support for Spotify is not provided. Longplay is a passion project of mine, and I don’t use Spotify myself currently. If you’re interested in a Spotify version, please suggest or vote for it on the feedback page.

Is there a beta?

Not at the moment. The currently released version on the App Store is the most up-to-date.

Is there a macOS version?

Not yet. It is in the works, and available in Early Access on Gumroad.

Thanks for making the 2.0 update free. Is there a tip jar?

Not yet. Thanks for asking.

I got another question!

You can reach out on Mastodon or by mail.