Rediscover, enjoy and organise your album collection.

Rediscover your album collection

Like standing in front of your album collection, but with superpowers.

Quickly access your complete albums

Shows only those albums where you’ve added all or most of the songs. Listen with a single tap.

Funky sort options

Sort by name, addiction, brightness, negligence, memory, recency, or your ratings. Explained via a little in-app dictionary.

Big and small

Size albums by addiction, negligence, recency, your ratings, or album length.

Discover forgotten treasures

Sort by negligence to reveal albums you haven’t listened to in a while but rated highly.

Your music

Works with any music that is in your Music app, be it from Apple Music, iTunes purchases or manually synced.

Enjoy your music

Quickly start listening, stay in the flow with infinite album shuffle or your own queue, and take albums with you wherever you are.

Infinite album shuffle

Stay in the flow, with smart shuffle depending on your current collection or sort order.

Shuffling becomes an experience

Hold down the shuffle button to start cycling through albums. Let go to pick. Swipe left/right to manually go back or forward through the albums.

Album queue

Do it your way and queue up albums manually.

Home Screen widgets

Interactive widgets with a mini album wall or now playing information; control playback and shuffle right from your home screen.

✨ New in 2.1 ✨


Access your albums and collection from the comfort of your driver’s seat. Perfect for long road trips.

AirPlay aware

Switch to an AirPlay speaker or headphones right from the Now Playing screen.

Organise the way you want

Organise albums into collections

Group your albums and playlists, for a road trip, kids, by language, live albums, you name it.

Star ratings make sense again

Sort orders adapt to your star rating, or set your playback to auto-skip songs below a certain rating. Rate right in the app.


Track your listens through or ListenBrainz.

And more...

Siri & Shortcuts support

Use Siri or create Shortcuts to trigger playback using Longplay from outside the app.

iCloud sync

Your collections, hidden albums, ratings, and playback statistics sync automatically using iCloud.

Handles large collections

Works with thousands of albums.

Mobile data friendly

Highlights albums you have downloaded when not connected to Wi-Fi.

Made with love

The app is made by myself and I use it pretty much every day. I love feedback, read all and try to reply to everything, too.

Longplay is the iOS app for music lovers who enjoy listening to full albums, especially if they have a hard time isolating them in their music library. It provides a beautiful view of the album artworks of the (near) complete albums in their music library with one-tap access to play them.

Available for iOS 16 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, in English and German.

  • Steve Jobs would have loved it.

  • Great idea and beautiful design. I love the different discoverability angles, especially Negligence.

  • Full album listeners: assemble!

  • This iOS music player is perfect. This is exactly how I like to play music; one record at a time, from start to finish. OUTSTANDING work!

  • Very nice job with Longplay! Love the wall-of-albums UX.

  • Thanks for Longplay, I miss the days I could stand before my collection to find forgotten treasures.

  • I do like listening to albums front to back. What a great idea.

  • What a great app! Listening to full albums is the only proper way to consume great music.